Gone to Texas

When soon-to-be travelers sit down to plan their next vacations, Texas isn’t always the first place that comes to mind. But it’s not all oil fields and cowboys out there. These misperceptions are why the Texas Board of Tourism approached RedPeg. They wanted to dispel stereotypes of the state, showing travelers what the Lone Star State is really about — good people, great food and most of all, adventure.

With the help of virtual reality and green screens, we took Texas on the road for its largest-ever mobile tourism campaign. We visited 100+ locations over the span of eight years, providing festival attendees with a variety of Texas-themed experiences — everything from 4D kayaking down the Rio Grande to virtual “walks” along the pristine Texas coastline. Coupled with killer BBQ and live entertainment from Texas country music bands, we successfully gave non-believers the true “taste of Texas.”


[Texas on Tour] made the campaign literally jump off of the TV screen, out of your computer monitor, and off of the printed page and let people get a more tangible experience of a Texas vacation.

—Texas Board of Tourism Member