This April, we hosted our inaugural RedPeg Inspires Fireside Chat. The bimonthly speaker series was initiated by our CMO, Fredda Hurwitz, to get the entire company inspired. “We all need inspiration,” said Fredda. “Some get it from podcasts, some from shows, some from art, other agencies, blogs and books. But as a team, we must consistently inspire each other.”

Our first guests were the Co-Founders and Co-CEOs of Pair Eyewear, who are inspirations in their own rights. Graduating from Stanford just last year, Sophia Edelstein and Nathan Kondamuri deferred their salaried jobs to pursue the concept of a company they thought had legs. The idea? Affordable and customizable prescription glasses and sunglasses for kids. The idea was born out of an insight: that eyewear shopping when you’re a kid sucks. The variety to choose from is minimal and the process feels medical. So much so, kids would rather be partially blind than wear their frames. As a parent, the process is painful in a different way – it’s expensive. Due to Luxottica’s monopoly on the market, a simple frame for kid’s glasses easily costs $300+.

Growing up, Nathan saw this trend all too well. When discussing with Sophia one day in college, the “aha moment” hit and they set out to change the process itself – making it more fun for kids and definitely affordable for parents.

We invited Nathan and Sophia to RedPeg to share their story, learn from  their awe-inspiring smarts), and together brainstorm on the best ways to enter the experiential space. Currently, the brand has an ecommerce-only model that works well for pricing and efficiency, but doesn’t give kids a hands-on experience. Further, they wanted some tips on amplifying their social presence.

We briefed the entire company and divided everyone into four teams to undertake hour-long brainstorming sessions. Without giving too much away, the process was a success. The Pair Eyewear team loved getting additional thinking, beyond what their young, scrappy team can currently provide, and we were equally motivated by their story, which definitely got our creative juices flowing. We can’t wait to see where the next few months take Sophia and Nathan and how they bring the Pair Eyewear brand to life via online social engagements and real-life experiences.

Below is a quick video recap video of the entire experience.