Our Story

Hello from the team at RedPeg Middle East. We thought you might like to know a bit more about our genesis, so here goes.

There’s an old saying which states that two heads are better than one. Although visually that would be a rather unpleasant sight, we do think there’s a lot of truth in that. We also think that destiny, the right place at the right time and taking calculated risks have major roles to play in life, and most certainly with our new partnership.

In 2017, W Ventures set out on a global hunt to find the right partner to join its growing portfolio of companies.

They were specifically looking for an agency that was entrepreneurial at its core, fully understood the needs of brands, proactively embraced creative and meaningful brand engagement on and offline and featured an off-the-chart culture that permeated every aspect of their work hard/play hard ethic. Enter RedPeg and the birth of a match made in brand experience heaven.

RedPeg is an award-winning independent brand engagement agency that’s been collaborating with some of the U.S.’s biggest brands for 23 years. The two companies genuinely seemed destined to work together given that RedPeg was looking for the right opportunity to take its winning formula abroad and W Ventures was looking for an agency that would complement its heavily focused print, fabrication and media company portfolio.

Our “Why”

Experiential marketing, brand engagement, brand experience – these aren’t necessarily new words but there are some subtle nuances and deliverables that go way beyond pure event marketing.

Most events are one-off, which often aren’t rooted in deep insights, strategy or metrics. Broadly speaking events tend to focus on product launches, premieres or other quick hit moments.

Brand engagement, on the other hand, is typically aligned to a broader umbrella strategy.

An experience that is created as a result of that strategy is finely crafted, based on insights that reflect the overall brand and business objectives, and is designed to motivate people to take action such as trialing and buying a product, signing up to learn more, sharing a moment and inviting others to join you etc.

Great brand engagement is the purest form of what was previously referred to as 1-to-1 marketing but is now one to many. It’s also highly personalized with tangible and achievable KPIs that are tracked pre, during and post experience and optimized throughout.

This is what brand engagement means for RedPeg Middle East.

We’re in it for the long run with our brand partners who understand the power of personal and meaningful interaction wrapped up in transparent and actionable metrics. It just doesn’t seem right to us to spend money on a great event and have no idea whether or not it achieved one, many or no objectives.

Let’s make it mean more.

Our Promise

At RedPeg, we create magic.

We are the creators of extraordinary experiences that delight and inspire, and instantly make an impact.

We make engaging and we make effective.

We get the need for measurable ROI and KPIs, and for upward curves in sales and social numbers, sooner rather than later.

We want to make every experience mean more:

  • to create events that make a real significance in people’s lives
  • to help people feel a deeper connection with a brand
  • to turn those connections into memories that resonate long after

Let’s make every experience leave a lasting impression.

Let’s make it mean more.